Fieldwork Point Loma Formation



Science is a team effort. The research environment at CoRE is collaborative, including:

  • Professional Researchers from:
         - the Colorado School of Mines
         - Chevron Energy Technology Company (ETC), and
         - other Universities;
  • Graduate Research Assistants pursuing M.S. or Ph.D. degrees;
  • Undergraduate student research assistants

Together the team focuses on addressing challenges faced by Chevron in exploration, production, and development of deepwater, fluvial, and shallow marine reservoirs. Using a quantitative outcrop characterization research approach, CoRE develops databases and empirically based rules and workflows.

At CoRE, we focus our research into three themes:

  • Stratigraphic architecture (outcrop focused, with seismic/core data where applicable)
  • Scaling relationships for depositional systems (modern and subsurface-focused, with outcrop data serving as the link between the geomorphology and the stratigraphic record)
  • Source-to-sink sediment dispersal (e.g., using detrital zircon geochronology, petrography, and GIS data to constrain sediment flux and sedimentary basin evolution)

CoRE Deepwater ResearchWithin these three themes, CoRE research projects are focused in one of three depositional environments. Learn more:

Check out fieldwork photos from our 200+ person days/year in the field.


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