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  • Are you passionate about geology?
  • Was field camp the best 6 weeks of your life?
  • Do you get crabby if you have to spend too much time indoors?
  • Do your friends dislike hiking with you because you're always stopping to look at rocks?
  • Do you thrive in collaborative team environments?
  • Do you have the fortitude to complete a graduate degree and collaborate with industry colleagues?

If you answered yes to many of these questions, we'd like to see your application! APPLY NOW

Admission to CoRE:

We're highly selective - we're a small team and we're looking for new students who are the best fit for our team & the program. What makes the best fit you ask? It's a combination of things, such as (in no particular order):

  • Grades -- Did you work hard in school?
  • Test Scores - How do you measure up?
  • Work Experience - Have you worked anywhere, doing anything? Have you worked in Oil & Gas? 
  • Roundness - Are you well rounded? Do you have interests outside of geology that would make you an interesting person to spend lots of time with?
  • Self Awareness - Do you know who you are? Particularly in relation to other people? Or do you have the skills to find out?
  • Fortitude (I know, this is the second time this word appears on the page. CoRE isn't for the faint of heart.) - Do you have what it takes to:
            Master your coursework?
            Collaborate with your fellow CoRE team members?
            Attend course field trips?
            Actively participate in workshops with our Chevron colleagues?
            Make sandwiches for 15 people out of a cooler in the shade of an outcrop?
            Prepare and defend your thesis/dissertation proposal?
            All in the same week....

So, that's a lot to ask of someone, right? You're wondering "What's in it for me?"

Here's what to expect:

  • A tremendous learning experience
  • Honed, creative, and critical thinking skills
  • The opportunity to begin your research on day 1
  • Interaction with industry researchers in ways few graduate programs are able to offer
  • Collaboration with others in a passionate and dynamic environment
  • Your research in print -- "Look Ma, I'm first author on the paper...and the journal put my photo on the cover!"
  • Regular meetings with your faculty advisor
  • Your degree in a reasonable amount of time: CoRE M.S. students typically complete their degree in 2-2.5 years and CoRE Ph.D. students typically complete their degree in 3.5 years.
  • Graduate student stipend
  • Paid tuition, fees, & health insurance
  • Assistance with your fieldwork costs/External research grants

Still interested? APPLY NOW


Have question about graduate school at the Colorado School of Mines? Contact the Office of Graduate Studies

An important note: We won't have access to your applicaiton until it is complete. Get 'er done.
This won't be the last time in your life deadlines are important.
Have a question about the status of your submitted application: Contact the Office of Graduate Studies


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