To: University Community
Gary Bowersock, Director of Facilities Management

Jane Rosenthal, Director of Compliance & Policy
Date: December 11, 2015
Re: Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Restrictions
The Colorado School of Mines (Mines) is evaluating procedures required to ensure compliance
with all legal obligations and to reduce risks to safety, security, and privacy, related to UAS. The
operation of UAS including drones and model aircraft is regulated by the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA). Any operation of an UAS that endangers public safety – either on the
ground or in the air – is prohibited by the FAA.
In the absence of a comprehensive UAS policy, Mines is instituting a temporary restriction of
any hobbyist or recreational flight of UAS on or over Mines property without prior approval by
Facilities Management and a fully executed Facilities Use Agreement with appropriate risk and
liability insurance.
This temporary restriction is not intended to restrict any Mines employee or student operating a
UAS as part of their Mines employment or as part of a Mines program with appropriate
exemption or Certificate of Waiver or Authorization issued by the FAA.
This temporary restriction of hobbyist or recreational flight on or over Mines property shall
remain in effect until a vetted and approved UAS policy is established.
Any user not restricted by this notice is still subject to compliance with applicable laws and
regulations regarding the use of UAS. The user should additionally consider minimizing risks,
not interfering with a person’s reasonable expectation of privacy, and not interfering with any
manned aircraft.
For more information, please contact the Facilities Management Office (
and the Director of Compliance and Policy ( so we can discuss options
for your University activities.