Fostering an empowered and
shared Mines culture
Campus Conference
August 19, 2016
Michel e Darveau – Assistant Director, HR
Nigel Middleton – Senior Vice President, Strategic Enterprises
Kirsten Volpi – Executive Vice President/COO/CFO

• Discuss culture concepts
• Updates on focus areas
• Professional Development
• Leadership Development
• Onboarding
• Rewards and Recognition

What is Organizational Culture?
A system of shared assumptions, values, and
beliefs, which governs how people behave in
organizations. These shared values have a
strong influence on the people in
the organization and dictate how they dress,
act, and perform their jobs.
Why is it important?

A healthy culture depends on People
• Commitment to employees feeling valued
• Investment in professional and personal
development for employees
• Harness the passion and pride of Mines

Initial Focus Areas
• Professional and Personal
• Leadership Development
• Onboarding
• Rewards and Recognition

Professional and Personal Development
Structure for learning and development
• Mines organization-wide learning and development strategy
• Needs survey coming in September
• Develop strategy by January 2017
• Development pathways focused on important topics and skil sets
• Self Directed
• Variety of delivery methods
• Custom pathways for supervisors and managers
• Online learning content: Professional Effectiveness, Project Management, Desktop systems,
specialized IT, Health and Safety and Compliance

Leadership Development
Goals of the Mines Leadership Institute
• Development of Leaders at al levels–
Senior management to individual
• Identify and develop the next
generation of Mines Leaders
• Provide professional and personal
development for current leaders
• Support the idea that leadership
development is a process not an event
• Increase participants’ network and
col aboration across campus.

Mines Leadership Institute – Possible structure
Designed for:
Senior Leadership
All employees
Smal cohort (10-12)
Cohort (16 to 20)
Cohort (20 to 24)
Concentrated blocks of time
Ful or half day sessions
Half day or shorter sessions
6 months
6 to 9 months
2 to 3 months
Strategic Thinking
Strategic Thinking
Situational leadership
Institutional Perspectives
Institutional Perspectives
Communication tools & techniques
Time & Priority management
Positive Relationship Building
Positive Relationship Building
Col aborative mindset
Col aborative mindset
Expectations of a Mines Leader
Active development of staff
Active development of staff
Conflict management
Effective Communication
Effective Communication
Diverse thinking
Thoughtful Change Management
Thoughtful Change Management
Innovation and Col aboration
Program components:
Assessments: 360, SDI
Assessments: 360, SDI
Assessments: SDI, leadership style
Fieldwork between sessions
Fieldwork between sessions
Group facilitated learning
Facilitated reflection sessions
Facilitated reflection sessions
Manager Engagement
Tackle real time organization chal enge
Meaningful stretch assignments
Organizational Mentor
Criteria for Participation:
Senior manager
Identified as High-potential
Anyone with a desire to develop leadership
Selection process:
Meets established criteria, Nominated or Meets established criteria, Nominated by
Nominated by Manager
Senior Manager
Additional Resources:
Focused on-line resources
Focused on-line resources
Focused on-line resources
Online community
Online community
Online community

• Establish a sense of belonging
• Clarification – ensure employees
• Help new employees feel valued
understand their new jobs and
• Provide tools and information to
related expectations
be productive
• Culture - provide employee with a
• Increase engagement and job
sense of organizational history,
norms and belonging
• Improve retention
• Connection – establish vital
interpersonal relationships and
information networks
• Compliance – basic required stuff:
legal, policies etc.

PageUp Onboarding

Rewards and Recognition
• Early phases
• Goals
• 2014 Leadership Capstone
• Creation of sense of belonging
• Improved campus culture
• Report delivered to Leadership
• Improved job satisfaction
• Recommendations
• Alignment with strategic plan
• Funding special recognition
• Provide professional development
• Publicize recognition and awards

Wrap up and Questions
Feedback and Ideas:
Michel e Darveau, x2305
Kirsten Volpi, x3240
Nigel Middleton, x3327