Geology Center of Research Excellence

Sedimentary geology, stratigraphy, and geomorphology research at Mines

Turbidite lateral heterogeneity

Point Loma Fm., San Diego, CA

How big are submarine lobes?

Read Luke Pettinga's Geology paper on submarine channel-lobe scaling relationships

Fieldwork in Quebec, Canada

Cloridorme Fm. basin plain turbidites

Fieldwork in Quebec, Canada

Cloridorme Fm. basin plain turbidites

Eolian bounding surfaces

Entrada Fm. at Rone Bailey Mesa, Utah

The Geology Center of Research Excellence (CoRE) is an innovative industry-academic partnership that promotes world-class research and education while focusing on scientific and technical challenges faced by the energy industry. We specialize in deepwater, fluvial, and shallow marine stratigraphy using a quantitative outcrop characterization research approach. The majority of our research involves fieldwork. Each year, CoRE supports 4-6 graduate students pursuing MS or PhD degrees which entail research in one of the center’s focus areas.

For a one-page summary of our 2019-2021 research, click here!

At CoRE, we focus our research into three themes:

  • Stratigraphic architecture (outcrop focused, with seismic/core data where applicable)
  • Scaling relationships for depositional systems (modern and subsurface-focused, with outcrop data serving as the link between the geomorphology and the stratigraphic record)
  • Source-to-sink sediment dispersal (e.g., using detrital zircon geochronology, automated mineralogy, petrography, and GIS data to constrain sediment flux and sedimentary basin evolution)

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